Wednesday, August 17, 2011

So I guess it's time I started...

So this is it. This is going to be the homepage of my latest Visual Novel, ADRIFT. And this from me, the guy who sucks at creating homepages. And with a Blogspot account too.

Okay, I really hope I'm up to that challenge...


  1. Finally you have a site. :)

    The link to anime-wave in your profile at Lemmasoft gives me a 404, and it's hard for me to follow you there, since I have no other motivation to aside from following projects of yours, Drake (if he has some) and very rare things like "That cheap and sacred thing".
    So, selfishly, I'm happy to see I now have a place to follow your works - I hope you'll decide to import older and future projects here or to a linked site as well!

    Best of luck, just remember that there are people who follow your projects who just aren't involved with the forums any more... it doesn't mean we're not interested of wouldn't like to express your support, but without the intention of having an account there, it's hard to.

    (As an aside: I'd recommend to change the interface here to English, some people may find it confusing to comment or choose the profile to comment with in German.)

    (As a further aside: I follow and enjoy your works since Metropolitan Blues, which was most likely the first "EVN" I played, so I am very happy to see that you're continuing to produce new works.)

  2. Thanks for the tips. Really, I just set up this page without really touching it up. But the English language setting is indeed appropriate for an OELVN, so I followed your advice.

    I guess I'll change a few more things with the release of the game, or maybe when I announce the Hinami Karaoke Contest I'm planning...